Are you a budget-savvy adventurous babe who wants to travel the world solo? The kind of girl who dreams of far-flung destinations and sipping margaritas on Mediterranean beaches? If so, I think we’re going to be friends.

Maybe you’re already planning your next adventure, or you could be looking for a little inspiration. You could be the kind of girl who likes short holidays on tropical islands. Perhaps you’re planning your first round the world trip, from Indonesia to Italy, Australia to Austria.

Since you’re here right now, I’m pretty sure you’re the kind of girl who’s itching to get out and see the world.

But maybe you…

  • Aren’t sure if you can ever afford it. Travel is expensive, you know?
  • Have booked your flights to Thailand but can’t find the time to actually plan that epic trip
  • Are held back by anxiety at the thought of travelling solo

You want to see the world. You wish you were able to able to save enough for your trip. And though you’re terrified as heck, you’re so keen to get on that plane, solo-style.

But you just don’t know how to make that a reality.

Trust me, I’ve been there.

And now that I’ve done it, bitten the bullet, flown solo to the other side of the world to start a new life, I have a little bit of wisdom to offer on the subject…

  • Travelling on a budget is possible, and there are tips and tricks to make it easier. I’ve got your back in that department
  • Saving for travel is all about priorities; do I want to spend a week in Spain, or do I want the latest iPhone? For me, Spain wins hands down, every time
  • Trip planning should be fun! But if you’re not a super nerd like me who can have a detailed 2-week Bali itinerary in the time it takes for someone to ask “should we go to Bali?”, then maybe I can help! My travel guides condense all the need-to-knows into informative, honest accounts that will help you plan your perfect trip
  • Dealing with travel anxiety is tough, and honestly I haven’t got it all figured out. There are still days when I can’t bear the thought of leaving my room to go and get dinner. But it is possible, and I’ll show you how

How did this become my life?

When I was 13 I fundraised for a year for a 3-week high school language trip to Spain. I designed and sold Christmas cards, my grandma knitted me scarfs to sell, and I even held a fundraising gala dinner. I charged my friends and family to attend, and my local community supported me by donating plants, meat trays and a flamenco dancer barbie cake to raffle off. When I got to Spain a year later, I had well and truly caught the travel bug.

I should have known that the girl who would clean stadiums at 2am to fundraise for her trip to Spain would someday take off to explore the world solo.

Today, I’m living the expat life in wee Glasgow, Scotland. When I’m not working my 9-5 job or awkwardly trying to make friends, I’m eagerly plotting my next escape.

For me, travel is a big, awkward adventure.

In my adventures I’ve zip lined through the jungle in Laos, camped in the third largest cave in the world in Phong Nha, Vietnam, gone skydiving in New Zealand, trekked through rural Myanmar, played with rescued elephants in Chiang Mai, watched the sunset from an empty castle in a tiny Portuguese town, and had my heart broken in Santorini. 

Along the way I’ve learnt a lot; about myself, on how to budget, ways to deal with travel anxiety, and how to plan an epic adventure. And now I want to help you plan your own.

Travel is often hard, lonely, expensive, and frequently things don’t go to plan. But that’s all part of the experience. In the wise words of Bilbo Baggins, “It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.”

So come, step out your door, and adventure with me.


Amy x

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