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October was uneventful, sad, cold and lovely. 

Honestly, for most of October, nothing really happened. I settled into my new job, struggled to find motivation after my Italy holiday, and attempted to stick to my haven’t-been-paid-in-3.5-months budget.

Then at the end of the month I was delivered some sad news; my 94-year-old nana had passed away. I was hit with a wave of sadness, homesickness and guilt at not going home for the funeral. In the 7 months since I’ve left home this was the hardest thing I’ve gone through, and I was sorely tempted to book a one-way ticket back to Auckland. 

Luckily, I had something to look forward to; a trip to Luxembourg and Strasbourg with my childhood best friend. Friend, you know I’m a planner. I’m the queen of detailed itineraries and mapped-out days. But for this trip I did very little research, and Luxembourg and Strasbourg surprised me in the loveliest of ways. Hey, maybe I should do more spontaneous travel? 

Girl stands in front of canal and buildings, Strasbourg

Now, I’m back at work and trying not to be too bummed out about the sun setting at 4:30pm. I finally caved in and bought some warm coats, and I’m counting down until my first cold Christmas and a wintery trip to Budapest. Bring on November!


After a month of no travel (*gasp) I was excited to be back on the road and heading to a country I knew little about; Luxembourg. Really, Luxembourg seems to be a country nobody knows much about.

But you know what? I liked Luxembourg. Sandwiched between Germany, France and Belgium this small country is easily explored in a day or two, making it an ideal city break. Make sure to check out Viandan Castle, and spend your days in Luxembourg exploring the fairytale-esque city. Seriously, who knew Luxembourg was so pretty? 

Girl stands on Luxembourg balcony with view of city below

If you’ve been following this blog for a little while you’ll know I wasn’t a big fan of Paris. I was a little nervous, then, about my second visit to France. Would Strasbourg be as dirty/sketchy/unfriendly as the French capital? Turns out I shouldn’t have worried. Strasbourg is a lovely city, complete with picturesque historical centre, impressive Gothic cathedral and as many tarte flambees and tarte au citrons as you can handle.

Girl stands in front of canal and buildings, Strasbourg
White flowers in foreground, old buildings in background, Strasbourg


If you’re in Glasgow (hello! Let’s be friends) you have to check out Platform at Argyle Street. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday the underground venue hosts some of Scotland’s best independent street food traders. Go for the cool vibes, pints and tasty street food.

Friend, the food in Strasbourg is damn good. If you go (you defs should) make sure to check out Barthelemy for the prettiest display of pastries and best tarte au citron you’ll ever eat. For a traditional Strasbourg meal head to Chez Yvonne. Though it was a little veal head-heavy for this almost-vegetarian, it was a delicious fusion of French and German cuisine.


If I knew little about Luxembourg, I knew even less about Strasbourg. But you know what? Visiting Strasbourg turned out to be one of the absolute highlights of my month. For me it was definitely more spontaneous travel, but I found that I loved discovering Strasbourg with no expectations. From the charming Le Petite France, impressive Gothic Cathedral to the tasty French pastries, Strasbourg surprised me in the best of ways.

Girl stands in front of black and white mural, Strasbourg


An obvious, and heartbreaking, lowlight for me this month was losing my nana. Though I honestly hadn’t expected to see her again, I was still devastated when my family FaceTimed with the news. 

My nana Margaret was brilliant; a savvy businesswoman, sports fanatic, gardener and skilled silversmith. A woman who could teach you a rude word or two, who would always encourage you to invest what you could, and baker of the best Christmas cake you’d ever tasted. Nana, you’ll be sorely missed.


Ooh friend, I really don’t know what’s happening in November! I don’t have any trips planned (for which my bank account is very grateful) and I’m fully expecting to become a hermit as the Glaswegian winter kicks in.

Still, exciting things are coming! I’m planning a trip to Budapest for Christmas. I’ve got a Ireland & Scotland road trip to plan, a possible trip to Japan, and I’ll hopefully be meeting my dad in Cairo, Tunisia and Malta next year. Oh, and saving for a one-year round-the-world trip too! Welp.

Autumn leaves close up

With the little bit of downtime I’ll gain from not travelling this month I plan to dig in and get some work done on the blog. Keep an eye out for updated posts, slick design and great content. There may or may not be a lil summer throwback to Greece coming up. 

Psst, if you haven’t already, do me a favour and subscribe to my email newsletter. Good things are coming!

Until next time, love and safe travels.

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October 2019 Recap
October 2019 Recap

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